Multibrackets M Motorized Swing Mount Large

Monteringssats (svängbar arm) - för LCD-TV - svart - skärmstorlek: 37"-55" - väggmonterbar
Förväntad 2024-04-23
Förväntad 2024-04-23
Tillverkare Multibrackets
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    The M Motorized Swing Mount is a swing mount type motorized arm. It makes your wall mounted TV swing around a corner 90 degrees either left or right. This allows you to watch your TV from anywhere, whether it is living room or kitchen. Multibrackets Motorized Swing Mount fits nearly all TVs, requires no additional peripherals to be installed and it is easy to install, and then easy to operate with your own TV remote. The M Motorized Swing Mount optimizes your TV visibility and as the TV can be mounted so that either left or right swing is possible, you do not need to double check which way your TV is going to swing out before a purchase. The M Motorized Swing Mount can greatly increase the use of your space at home or in your office. Furthermore the possibility to preset a preferred angle allows you to stop juggling with your remote control over and over again, getting your TV into the right position.
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