Multibrackets M Public Video Wall Mount Push HD

Monteringssats (väggfäste, saxarm, 8 låsknoppar) - för platt panel - järn - svart - skärmstorlek: 40"-70" - väggmonterbar
2 i lager Förväntad 2024-03-19
Tillverkare Multibrackets
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  • Information
    • Iron structure with max load of 50 kg
    • Designed to create a fast, simple and seamless installation
    • Modular mount with unlimited video wall display configurations possible
    • Compatible with landscape or portrait mounting
    • Monitor tailored spacer kit for the fast on site installations
    • Tool-less fine adjustments with 8 knobs for a seamless alignment of the displays
    • Ideal for recessed areas or where there is a surround around the whole video wall blocking access
    • Push in pop out for easy access and after service
    • Integrated cable management system
    • Security screws to avoid accidents
    The M Public Video Wall Mount Push HD might just be one of the markets most innovative and easy to install video wall mounts available. With numerous posts installation possibilities and a tailored pantograph alignment system this might be the most easy to use, yet most powerful video wall mount system you have ever seen. With the market for video wall installations growing at a fantastic pace, the need for a high quality, affordable and installer friendly mounting equipment has become in the need by many. The M Public Video Wall Mount Push HD is a video a wall solution quick to install, and easy to configure. This is a professional mount focusing on multiple screen installations, easy and fast installation and simplified maintenance.
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