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motoriserad - för LCD-display - svart - skärmstorlek: 32"-70" - takmonterbar - utmatning: DC 24 V
Förväntad 2024-04-23
Förväntad 2024-04-23
Tillverkare Multibrackets
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  • Information
    • The ideal solution for a ceiling or under a cabinet motorized flip down of your TV
    • Supporting 32"" up to 70"" flat panel displays
    • Rapid motorized transition -75° - +0° up and down folded position
    • Lightweight construction that is easy to mount
    • Max screen weight capacity: 35 kg
    The M motorized ceiling mount 32"-70" is the ideal mount for your TV installation when in need of the. Often placed in bedrooms, kitchens, offices, schools or stores it can fold your screen down or up -75° - 0°. This under the cabinet / ceiling mount includes a locking system to keep the screen in position and is a very practical solution supporting screens both smaller and larger, 32" to 70". The M motorized ceiling mount 32"-70" is the ideal choice when you want a TV in a location where space is needed or a TV function is needed only from time to time, or for pure aesthetic reasons, creating a definite waow factor. The mounts arm length is easily adjusted to the size of your TV and will hold your flat panel safely in place and quickly fold down in position. The mount also includes a locking mechanism to safely lock your flat screen in place when flipped down, thus minimizing fatigue and vibration.
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