Multibrackets M LED Wallmount Series 7/8/9

Monteringssats (monteringsplatta, monteringsarm) - för LCD-display - stål - svart - skärmstorlek: 49"-65"
Förväntad 2024-03-12
Förväntad 2024-03-12
Tillverkare Multibrackets
Artikelnr 7350073735464
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    The all new M LED Wallmount 7/8/9 is designed to perfectly fit the new ultra-thin QLED TV's by Samsung . Enhance your QLED installation with the easy to install M LED Wallmount 7/8/9. Adjust and correctly set your TV position with the wall mount kit and hang your TV very snug to wall. M LED Wallmount 7/8/9 is about 17 mm thin. The M LED Wallmount 7/8/9 uses only the very highest metal quality to keep its thin profile and make it match the high end TV it supports. This makes the wall mount construction super strong and makes it is tested to withhold many times the weight of the QLED screens it was aimed for.
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