Multibrackets M Pro Motorized Ceilingmount SD

Konsol - för LCD-display - kallvalsat stål - vit - skärmstorlek: 32"-100" - takmonterbar
Förväntad 2024-04-18
Förväntad 2024-04-18
Tillverkare Multibrackets
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    • The ideal solution for a ceiling motorized flip down of your TV
    • Supporting 32"" up to 100"" flat panel displays
    • Tilt position 0° to 90°
    • Max screen weight capacity: 80 kg
    • Remote control to fold down or flip up the TV
    M Motorized Ceiling Mount Pro SD is a hidden motorized ceilingmount optimized for displays between 32 and 100" size. ideal mount for your TV installation when in need of the. Often placed in bedrooms, kitchens, offices, schools or stores it can fold your screen down or up -90° - 0°. This under the cabinet/ ceiling mount includes a locking system to keep the screen in position and is a very practical solution supporting screens both smaller and larger, 32" to 100". The M Motorized Ceilingmount Pro uses a rapid motorized flip down transition technique with little noise. Use the included remote control to fold down or flip up the TV. Multiple ceilingmounts can be controlled with one remote control, if the sensors of the ceilingmounts are close. Maximum height of screen is 393mm, measured from the upper VESA hole to ceiling, Highlights The ideal solution for a ceiling motorized flip down of your TV Supporting 32" up to 100" flat panel displays Rapid motorized transition -90° - +0° up and down folded position Up and down, up 980mm down 770mm Max screen weight capacity: 100 kg Remote control included Remote control, multi-style operation, remote control / remote control / central control Remote control Operation multi-style, remote / remote / central control ?Remote control learning code 1. Press and hold the red button on the main unit until you hear a "drop" sound Only let go. 2. Press the pause button again, and hear the sound of two "drops", indicating remote control. Electronic setting operation method for upper and lower limits 1. Press the set button, and hear the sound of five "drops" to cancel the original setting. Start setting (Note: you must hear five sounds, the other sounds are invalid) 2. Lower limit setting Press the lower limit button to lower the hanger when the hanger has lowered to your desired position Press the pause button, the hanger stops to the position you want, then press the set button, listen Two "drip" sounds are sent to the host to indicate that the lower limit is set successfully (the lower limit is selected)The position can be repeated using the up and down keys) 3.limit setting Ps: If the setting is unsuccessful, press the setting button to hear five "drops" and then reset.
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