Multibrackets M Universal Wallmount Super Slim Small

Monteringssats (väggfäste) för LCD- /plasmapanel - silver - skärmstorlek: 26"-32"
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Tillverkare Multibrackets
Artikelnr 7350022732933
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  • Information
    • Patented Multibrackets ""slide in installation"" for ultra fast installation
    • Bubble level
    • All aluminum bracket for superstrong construction
    • Special extra wheels to make normal standard LCD's work as well
    • Exclusive gift box solution to complement the exclusive thin LCD's
    M Universal Wallmount Super Slim is designed to perfectly fit the ultra thin flat panel TV.

    M Universal Wallmount Super Slim uses only the very highest quality of aluminum. This makes the wall mount construction superstrong and makes it withhold many times the weight of the LCD and plasmas they aim for.

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