Multibrackets M VESA Deskmount Officeline Single I

Monteringssats (bordsfäste) - för LCD-display - stål - vit - skärmstorlek: 15"-30"
2 i lager Förväntad 2024-05-27
Tillverkare Multibrackets
Artikelnr 7350073735167
  • 756 SEK
  • Information
    • Made for the semiprofessional user
    • Creates maximum ergonomic comfort for displays
    • Simplified installation and simple after adjustment possibilities
    Flexible, sleek and streamlined, the M VESA Deskmount Officeline Single frees up space and allows positioning of your display for greater productivity. Reposition your LCD with ease. Up, down, forward and back is now just a matter of your choice. With the M VESA Deskmount Officeline Single you can easily set the screen to your specific position. By doing so you save back, neck and eyes.
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