Multibrackets M Wallmount HD

Väggmontering för LCD-display - kallvalsat stål - svart - skärmstorlek: 60"-100" - monteringsgränssnitt: upp till 900 x 600 mm
28 i lager
Tillverkare Multibrackets
Artikelnr 7350073738823
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  • Information
    • Features effortless up and down movement of a display
    • Neutralizes the weight of the screen
    • Fully smooth up and down motion and stopping
    • Holds securely in any position
    • Totally quiet operation
    • Creates a weightless feeling
    • Completely maintenance free
    • Manufactured without compressed gases, oils and service schedules
    • Amazing finish stainless steel and aluminum parts

    It's never been this easy to move a large size display or touch screen up and down. Made to fit most public environments and perfect in meeting rooms, and other educational. Introducing the M Counterbalanced Wallmount 60-90kg is designed to provide assisted lifting force and mid-span balancing, allowing safety and usability for any user in front of a large size display.

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